In order to leverage this timely trend, our task was to elevate consumer interest in the contest and develop a shopper marketing strategy that brought in “go-together” partner brands that would elevate the wine and burger experience. It had to drive the in-store execution and help fund the overall campaign including its $100,000 prize. As a result, shopper interest was elevated as well as buzz in the media and the general public.


Sutter Home’s “Build a Better Burger” cooking contest is now in its 21st consecutive year. The storied heritage can be credited to constant growth and reinvention to support consumer’s interest in wine’s ability to make everyday meals extraordinary. This program elevated the ordinary burger into a prized meal by inviting amateur chefs to “Build a Better Burger” to win cash prizes in a range of categories, that is judged by a panel of celebrity chefs at an event televised by the Food Network. The grand prize winner walks away with $100.000! The second largest consumer participatory cooking contest in the country, “Build A Better Burger” is the most merchandised program in the wine category today.

Shopper Strategy

We elevated the brand experience and expanded the role of participating partner brands as a means of expanding the scope of the program. It executed an integrated shopper marketing strategy to drive grocery sales for Sutter Home and the partners. Our solution increased both Sutter Home and partner usage occasions by introducing shoppers to a holistic cooking and dining experience with recipe solutions and incentives. The program was supported with radio, magazine, shopper media (FSI), in-store cross merchandising, online, a 100 Days of Burgers social media program and a burger party cookbook.

Co-op Partner Themed Ad
Co-op Partner Themed Ad