To combat the recession blues, many families have changed their lifestyle to include simple ways to brighten “family nights” at home. Rubbermaid® has a wide line of beverage containers that are perfect to pour into any summer meal. By encouraging consumers to discover their favorite iced tea recipes, Rubbermaid®, Lipton® and Domino® helped make a simple beverage experience more entertaining and fun for the entire family three years in a row.


A strategy was developed to focus on the family usage occasion for Rubbermaid® pitchers and carafes by exemplifying the many different beverage recipes available for use with the products. We needed to locate the right “go-together” partner brands to provide added value, establish credentials for the recipe booklets (instant savings) and generate retailer support displays and end caps.


Lipton® Ice Tea and Domino® Sugar were brought into the “mix” for a family entertaining themed program around various iced tea recipes. The program elements consisted of a national FSI (40MM circ) and in-store displays that held Rubbermaid® Pitchers, Bottles and Carafes. Each product had stickers that featured a call out to recipes and savings to be found inside the containers. We also developed a promotional microsite and ran ads telling consumers to upload their favorite iced tea recipes. The first 100 consumers received a Summer ReciTea Gift Pack including Rubbermaid® products and Lipton® Ice Tea. All creative for the program focused on the family usage occasion and the value of being able to make 12 pitchers of iced tea with each box of Lipton.

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