Nov 08

Second “Elegantly Delectable” Promotion Returns for the Holidays Following Widely Successful First Campaign!

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Last November 2015, Liss International helped build brand awareness and drive incremental sales of Boursin™ Cheese and Vita™ Smoked Salmon with a retailer specific partnership-marketing program at Publix™. We are proud to announce that the first Boursin™ & Vita™ “Elegantly Delectable” partnership marketing program was so successful that we are running the program again, and…

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Apr 08

Liss International Creates Libby’s Pumpkin, Carnation Evaporated Milk and Minute Rice Dynamic Partnership Marketing Promotion

partnership marketing solutions, meal solution programs, in-store displays, brand marketing programs

At Liss International, our Partnership Marketing experts love to bring together powerhouse brands in fun and creative ways. We recently developed a delicious and satisfying “Back To School” snack promotion using Libby’s™ Pumpkin, Carnation™ Evaporated Milk and Minute™ Rice. This Back To School program was all about creating a delicious snack for after school at…

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Mar 31

Liss International Builds Partnership Marketing Promotion For Bimbo Bread and Buddig Lunch Meat Program

partnership marketing programs, meal solution programs, retail specific marketing solutions, liss international, buddig lunchmeat, bimbo bakeries

A delicious sandwich made with fresh bread and savory lunchmeat is the perfect meal solution for every member of a busy family. Liss International recently developed a partnership-marketing program for Buddig™ Originals lunchmeats and Bimbo™ bakeries that allowed both brands to tap into this dynamic customer base like never before. Our Buddig™ Originals and Bimbo™…

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Mar 08

Liss International Motivates In-Store Trial of Boursin Cheese and Vita Smoked Salmon with Retailer Specific Marketing Program

retail specific marketing program, partnership marketing program, brand awareness campaign, in-store demo, full page FSI advertising

Liss International helped build brand awareness and drive incremental sales of Boursin™ Cheese and Vita™ Smoked Salmon with a retailer specific partnership-marketing program at Publix™! This retail program combined the refined, elegant flavors of these two powerful brands to create a delicious “Hour-d’oeuvres For The Holidays” program that customers can serve to guests over the…

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Feb 19

Liss International Drives Incremental Sales of Musselman’s Apple Sauce With Free Bowling Promotion

partnership marketing specialists, food and beverage advertising firm, national advertising company, free standing insert marketing, promotional marketing agency

Liss International just implemented the fifth Musselman’s Apple Sauce and Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) Free Bowling Program. And what a success! This fun, free and highly successful Partnership Marketing Promotion leveraged the power of bowling, the #1 participation sport in the United States, to increase sales and consumption of applesauce. More than 71…

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Feb 17

Liss International Combines Fun and Flavor With Boboli & Smithfield Partnership Marketing Program

partnership marketing program, advertising agency for food & beverage brands, meal solution experts, smithfield ham, boboli pizza crust

Liss International just implemented another successful Partnership Marketing Program for our wonderful clients at Boboli Ready Made Pizza Crust, Smithfield Bacon and Smithfield Ham. We paired these two huge brands together to create a delicious “Homemade Pizza” meal solution during the highest pizza consumption time, football season. Boboli Ready Made Pizza Crust, Smithfield Bacon and…

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